Commission information

Here is a link where you can see almost all my FINISHED COMMISSIONS.

Basic information

• My commissions are a digital delivery, not a physical product.

• FULL RESOLUTION: A3, 300 dpi (3508×4961 px), RGB (if you want another format, write to me).

• PERSONAL USE ONLY: The painting is only for personal use and it is prohibited to distribute it for commercial purposes. If you are interested in a commercial proposal, feel free to contact me (

• PORTRAIT: (the only face, if hands are displayed, I classify it as half body)

• HALF BODY: (from the waist upwards, if legs are shown in some detail, I classify it as the full body)

• AT LEAST ONE REVISION in my painting process:

  1. Based on your description and references, I will roughly sketch the basic composition (what position the character will be in, where the hands will be pointing, how it will be rotated, etc.). Sometimes I will send one sketch, sometimes more. I will send this to you for approval. Any changes can be made here.
  2. I will then add colors to your chosen sketch. I will send you the color version again and wait for your approval. Sometimes I will send the color version straight if your description was unambiguous. Even in the color version we can make color changes.
  3. Then I will start working on the painting. This is a long process and I do not send images for approval at this point.
  4. I will then send you the final painting. Small details can be adjusted here too, but not major interventions. (It is possible to change the colour of the clothes, the length of the hair, a slightly different facial expression, but it is not possible to adjust e.g. the positions of the people, a different background, completely different clothes than agreed, etc.)


• BASIC: The base amount is calculated by the average number of hours spent on specific commissions. It usually includes 1–3 sketches, 1–2 color mood (the number of the previous two steps depends on your description, some people have a clear idea, some leave it on the artists), 1–2 changes in previous steps, 1 final painting, 1 minor change in the final painting. But it is possible to make more changes to the painting, but the result will not be as detailed because the time budget will be spent on the changes. Likewise, in the case of a complicated description is it the same – the time budget will be spent on talking, so please be brief and clear so that I can spend more time drawing on your dream painting. 🙂

• MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER: If you want a painting with 2 or more characters, the price is + character = +1/2 original price

• BACKGROUND/FOREGROUND: A simple background is included (For example, a blurry photo of a simple forest in the background or one color background). If you want a really detailed background or foreground (complex perspective, buildings, concrete detailed things, …) the price is calculated individually.

• I prefer payment in advance. It is possible to agree on 50% before and 50% after the completion of the commission. It is possible to pay via Paypal, Etsy, or I can send you an invoice and you can send the money directly to my account. I will start painting only after receiving the money.


The duration of the commission depends on how many people are in front of you and on the complexity of your commission and on other aspects. In addition, I am now on maternity leave, so the processing time is unfortunately even longer. Thank you for your patience.
Below are the approximate times for one character commissions:
• PORTRAIT: detailed: 6–10 days
• HALF BODY: detailed: 10–16 days
• FULL BODY: detailed: 16–24 days


I usually share photos of the painting process on my social media or Patreon. On Patreon I share the process with my followers as well as PSDs, or video of the process and more. However, neither of these materials are high quality final painting that only you receive without a watermark and only you have the right to use it.

If your painting is commercial and the project is secret and you don’t want it to get on the internet like this, it is possible to arrange a commercial commission. Prices are calculated individually. Thank you for your understanding.

I don’t draw purely animal paintings and I don’t draw pornographic images.
I also reserve the right to refuse any order.

I will look forward to your possible commission! ♥


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If you have any questions, contact me on my Instagram (@deanirart) or via e-mail 🙂

Example of the commission process

Samples of finished commissions