About me

Dae Nir was born at the border of the day and night when my inner creative child moaned, longing for new yet undiscovered worlds locked inside my soul. In slow steps, this alter ego came to the surface. At first inconspicuously, but over time, the intangible walls surrounding me during the monotonous work in my (already former) job became unbearable and I decided to listen to my inner self – to follow the world of my internal fantasy and give the real world a bit of me in the form of paintings.

Me, a fragile person very self-contained, admiring the brushstrokes of artists who were here hundreds of years before. Absorbed by lines of words in books leafed through many times. At the same time, catching up with the new knowledge and technologies of today. Also, influenced by nature, folklore and the spiritual power of the ancient Slavs. An admirer of every sunrise and sunset, always at odds with myself, eternally dissatisfied and satisfied at the same time. A lover of opposites and an admirer of paradoxes. This is Dae Nir. Child of Day and Night. 🌙


You can contact me on Instagram @deanirart or via e-mail: daenir.art@gmail.com.

Selected Artworks